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    Angelica Combo Tea Extract: Du Huo Ji Sheng Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Formula: Chingchunbao Antifungul Nail Lotion: Au Kah Chuen
    Angelica Combo Tea Extract: Du Huo Ji Sheng WangAnti-Aging/Rejuvenating Formula: ChingchunbaoAntifungul Nail Lotion: Au Kah Chuen

    Pain in lumber area, knees, joints, cold sensation, paralyses, intolerance of cold.

    Strengthening the brain, enhancing memory and vigor, helping resist fatigue, postponing the aging, preserving sexual functions, postponing and reducing the growth of grey hair.

    Use for effective long lasting relief from nail fungus, athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm. Used also to prevent infection in minor cuts and scrapes.




    Arthritis and Nerve Pain Pills: Touku Wan Asthma Allergy Extract: Xiao Qing Long Tang Blood Pressure Lowering Pills: Jian Ya Wan
    Arthritis and Nerve Pain Pills: Touku WanAsthma/Allergy Extract: Xiao Qing Long Tang WanBlood Pressure Lowering Formula: Jian Ya Wan

    Powerful pills for arthritis, numbness in the arms/legs, inflammation of the joints.

    Retention of harmful liquids,chills, allergy, asthma,cough,puffiness, much more…It is an effective lowering blood pressure formula. The herbal formula is used for dizziness, tinnitus and sensation of swelling in the eyes, palpitation caused by hypertension. It is suitable to lassitude in loin and legs, even unsteadiness in walking, dark red tongue, thin and dry fur.




    Blood Bones Muscle Support Pills: Fong Ton Brain Circulation Formula: Nao Luo Tong Bronchial Care Remedy: Qi Guan Yan Wan
    Blood/Bones/Muscle Support Pills: Fong Ton PillsBrain Circulation Formula: Nao Luo TongBronchial Care Remedy: Qi Guan Yan Wan

    Heal liver and kidney, lumbago, feet and knee cramp, spasms, muscle ache, bone ache, hand/ knee palsy, muscle weakness, rheumatism, circulation of blood, strengthen muscle and bones.

    Fortifying the blood flow to the brain. Used for stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson' diseases, scerebral thrombus, cerebral arteriosclerosis, headache caused by all kinds of brain disease.Coughing with mucus, bronchitis, other respiratory diseases.




    Bronchial Support: Chi Quau Yen Wan Calm and Ease Decoction: Gan Mai Da Zhao Cancer Fighting Formula: Anticancerlin
    Bronchial Support -Chi Quau Yen WanCalm and Ease Decoction: Gan Mai Da Zhao TangCancer Fighting Formula: Anticancerlin (Kan Ai Ling)
    Used to treat chronic coughing, bronchitis for every age, but especially in the elderly patient. Also helps to maintain the bronchial function healthy for chronic or seasonal discomfort, helps to calm asthma cough.Anxiety, panick, restlessness, insomnia, absentmindedness, moodiness, hysteria.

    Anticancerlin (Kan Ai Ling) is long considered as an effective remedy for the treatment of malignant tumors with few side effects. It is suitable for long-term administration.




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