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Asthma Allergy Extract: Xiao Qing Long Tang Immunity Lingzhi Mushroom (Reishi): LingZhi Immunity Boosting Cordiceps: JinShuiBao
Asthma/Allergy Extract: Xiao Qing Long Tang WanImmunity Lingzhi Mushroom (Reishi): LingZhiImmunity Boosting Cordiceps Capsules: JinShuiBao
Retention of harmful liquids,chills, allergy, asthma,cough,puffiness, much more…

Immunity, allergies, asthma, autoimmune, all cancers, kidney failure, energy, longevity.

Immunity, all cancers, kidney failure, lung failure, energy, stamina.




Bronchial Support: Chi Quau Yen Wan
Bronchial Support -Chi Quau Yen Wan
Used to treat chronic coughing, bronchitis for every age, but especially in the elderly patient. Also helps to maintain the bronchial function healthy for chronic or seasonal discomfort, helps to calm asthma cough.