Anti-Aging/Rejuvenating Formula: Chingchunbao

Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Formula: Chingchunbao
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  • immunity
  • premature aging
  • women’s fatigue
  • women’s lowering sexual functioning
  • premature memory problems
  • early grey hair
  • early wrinkles, premature skin aging

Herbal Functions:

Strengthens the brain, enhances memory and ability to analyze problems, promots soundness of sleep, decreases dreams and offers an evident feeling of health and vigor.

Helps resist fatigue, improves stamina and the ability to do work effectively, keeping your body full of strength and enhancing resistance against chills and sweltering heat.

Postpones aging problems.

Preserves the vigor of sexual functions, prevents muscles from weakening and skin from the wrinkles.
Postpones / reduces  your hair turning gray.

Enables adults to maintain their exuberant vigor and preventing premature senility.

Enhances nonspecific immunity of the human body, dispelling the attacks of illness.
Noted to have preventative effect on certain types of cancers.


80 pills in the bottle

Standard Dosage:

4 pills x 4times daily before meal


Proprietary blend of Pure Chinese Ginseng, Asparagi, Rehmanniae, Ophiopogon as main ingredients



It is made of 100% pure authentic Chinese herbs of highest qualities. Traditional preparation procedures are combined with modern pharmaceutical processes to extract the active ingredients from the herbs and to further concentrate them into pills or tablets. It is produced in the certified GMP facilities and is imported to USA in accordance with the FDA guidelines.

Pure water extract using minimal or no fillers/binders. No pharmaceuticals, sugar, or dyes. Comprehensive heavy metal testing in accordance with the US Pharmacopeia Proprietary extraction and formulation technology. Made in a pharmaceutical cGMP certified facility. It contains no pharmaceuticals, no artificial colors, and no sugar. Heavy metals are within or well beyond the standards set by US Pharmacopeia. No side effects reported.

The ChingChunBao formula was created in China during the Ming Dynasty. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved ChingChunBao in 1986 to enter the U.S. market. Ching ChunBao has also been exported to more than 40 countries including Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan as well as Hong Kong and Macao. It has, in effect, become an international best-seller. Heads of Governments of many countries, the fraternal party leaders, renowned scholars, and celebrities all use ChingChunBao.


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