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Ginseng Seeds for Energy: Zhenyuan capsules Circulation Tang Kwei and Astragalus Extract DAN SHEN PILL
Arthritis Fengshi Huoxue Zhitong WanCirculation Tang Kwei &Astragalus Extract: Dang Gui Bu Xue WanDan Shen Pill

Top for the fast relief of the pain, inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteosclerosis

Circulation, blood loss or blood quality problems, varicouse veins,menstruation problems.

Excellent for cleansing the arteries, improving cardiovascular system and circulatory system.




Blood Bones Muscle Support Pills:Tung Shueh Pills Blood Bones Muscle Support Pills: Fong Ton
Strengthen Bones&Muscles: Tung Shueh PillsBlood/Bones/Muscle Support Pills: Fong Ton Pills

Strengthens bones and muscles, relieves acute and chronic paine and aches of muscles, bones, ligaments due to rheumatism, arthritis, injuries, circulation.


Heal liver and kidney, lumbago, feet and knee cramp, spasms, muscle ache, bone ache, hand/ knee palsy, muscle weakness, rheumatism, circulation of blood, strengthen muscle and bones.